Trinkets, candy and maybe a ten dollar bill if you’re lucky – these are all common prizes found during or at the end of a scavenger hunt. For Florida Gators Guard Corey Staples, however, her prize would be worth significantly more. In a video that has now gone viral with about 90,000 views, the University of Florida student participate in a staged scavenger hunt that led to a scholarship which will cover her senior year at the university. 

Riding in a golf cart around campus, Staples made stops at a statue of the university’s mascot, a tower on campus and other landmarks. The final clue, however, was read aloud by Staples and two friends. 

“Character, determination, toughness, perseverance, communication, commitment and loyalty,” the first friend reads from the clue card. 

“These are the characteristics of a gator,” Staples reads next. 

“Congratulations Corey,” the final friend picks up. “These are the qualities you have displayed. For this reason you have earned the scholarship!”

Staples could not hold back her excitement and bursted into tears. After a round of hugs, Staples quickly calls her mother to let her know the news and is met by excitement on the other end. 

Upon seeing the video, Twitter users erupted in support and equal enthusiasm for the young player’s success.