This weekend marked the anniversary of the death of Michael Brown, the 18 year old unarmed black male killed by Darren Wilson. Throughout the weekend, peaceful protests occurred to commemorate Brown. Late Sunday night, Twitter erupted after police officers in Ferguson, Missouri reportedly shot a black man. After hours of peaceful protests, things began to grow tense. Looting reportedly occurred from outside agitators. After officers showed up to quell the situation, they fortified their force and the situation intensified.

Shots were fired during a CNN interview with Ferguson’s new interim chief of police.

According to reports, an officer involved shooting occurred, with a black male civilian entering into an ambulance after the shooting.

The immediate aftermath of the shooting was caught by Twitter user, @search4swag.


The maker of this video was temporarily detained by the police for not leaving the scene of the crime.

Here are more tweets from activists, journalists, and civilians there at the time.

There is a post conference scheduled for 2:00 a.m. CT.




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