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elogan's posts

'Bad Boys 3' finally gets a title and release date

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are making another Bad Boys movie, and we finally have a title — Bad Boys For Life. Miami's favorite cops are back. Lawrence and Smith will return for the third Bad Boys film. Other cast members have not yet been announced. After years of delays, the date has finally been set. Bad Boys For Life is coming to screens January 12, 2018. Joe Carnahan...

Why won't y'all leave Gabby Douglas alone?

While Gabby Douglas helped the U.S. Gymnastics team win a gold medal, people railed on her (again) because of her hair. Gabby Douglas is pretty af but her hair… — 1011Keelo™ (@1011Keelo) August 7, 2016 nah but fr tho, why Gabby Douglas hair not done? — ♻️ (@ohmy_miranda) August 8, 2016 Gabby Douglas make me so mad w her hair like dang. — ♈️ (@Neverlovehardd)...

Car strikes protester in Ferguson, shots follow

Yesterday, August 9, marked the two-year anniversary of the killing of Michael Brown. In an effort to memorialize a life lost to police brutality, peaceful demonstrations were held in Ferguson throughout the day. But, like last year, unrest erupted. While standing with other protestors, a man was hit by a car. After the car hit him, gunshots ensued. The victim was taken from the...