Victor Glover made history on Sunday when he boarded a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule named Resilience and rocketed up to the International Space Station, becoming the first Black astronaut to serve as a crew member at the station. 

According to The New York Times, Glover will spend about six months at the station and will eventually be followed next year by decorated astronaut Jeanette Epps, who will become the first Black woman to stay at the International Space Station. 

The father of four has spent decades training for the opportunity to live on the space station, getting master's degrees in flight test engineering, systems engineering and military operational art and science before joining the astronaut corps in 2013.

The California native is a Navy commander and has spent years as a test pilot eager for the chance to spend extended time on the International Space Station. He will not be the first Black person to visit the station, but he will be the first to live there.