Many think Victoria Monét is an overnight sensation. The success of her Grammy-winning debut album Jaguar II skyrocketed her to mega-stardom, but the project is by no means her first (or even her second) release. Throughout her nearly 15-year career, Monét has put out many replay-worthy tracks that challenge what R&B and hip-hop could and should be.

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Here are five Monét music moments worth paying attention to from her hefty discography:

5. “Freak” 

“Freak” is an underrated track by Monét that sees the singer stand on what she’s after, both musically and in her personal life. Included in her EP Life After Love, Pt. 1, the song leans more hip-hop than a lot of her discography, and the unexpected change is welcome. Looking for a Monét track for your pregame playlist? “Freak” is one for you. 

4. “Nothing Feels Better”

A sweet tribute to her daughter Hazel’s first birthday, “Nothing Feels Better” is the modern lullaby we didn’t know we needed. The song’s triumphant strings and Monét’s earnest vocals evoke pure emotion and may bring a tear to your eye. The song, which has garnered over 700,000 views on YouTube, is the perfect modern love song and deserves a spot on your playlist.

3. “90’s Babies” 

“90’s Babies” is proof that Monét is a true talent. The 2015 song is way ahead of its time, with its genre-bending sound and retro-cool visuals. “90’s Babies” is Monét at her best. She represents the millennial experience with charm, wit and her unique perspective. Like the singer’s discography, “90’s Babies” is the perfect track for an easy drive or at-home wind-down. 

2. “Ass Like That”

Monét’s songwriting mastery makes a playful debut on 2020’s “Ass Like That,” in which she tells the story of meeting a man named “Jim,” a clever play on the word “gym” and his impact on her life and body. Alongside the singer’s powerful pen is an infectious R&B beat that stands the test of time. It’s a wonderful tease of her work on Jaguar II and deserves just as much attention. 

1: “F.U.C.K”

Monét is completely free on “F.U.C.K,” which stands for “Friend U Can Keep.” The 2021 song is sultry, smokey and a bold move for the singer, who takes sexual innuendo to a whole new level on the track. Monét’s buttery vocals are addictive, as is the song’s smooth and electric beat, both of which were distinctly different than anything else on the radio at the time. The track’s a must for Monét fans and music lovers. 

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