When it’s all said and done, Victoria Monét wants her journey toward success to encourage any person who has ever been counted out for a dream that they know they’re destined to reach.

“One of the things I like most about my story, even though at times it was very hard at the moment to just be in it, is how it unfolded… ending with the Grammy chapters of one finale,” she told Blavity on a Zoom just days after marking another major milestone in her career, becoming a three-time Grammy Award-winning artist.

“It’s my purpose to inspire people who have doubts or have a dream that they’re too scared to achieve or they’ve been told that they can’t,” she continued. “I feel like underdogs understand my story. I just want to be a pillar, an example, for people to really not give up. If I’m that one subconscious message that somebody has, because they saw me win, it means so much to me. It’s so much bigger than my own story, which is the best thing I could ask for.”

Although she has the music game on lock with no plans of letting up anytime soon, Monét recalled the moment she was bitten by the creativity bug.

On discovering her gifts during childhood

“I knew that I was creative from a very young age, and it didn’t necessarily connect with music,” she recounted. “At first, I was an only child, so there were a lot of times when I would just be doing activities in my room and wanting to draw, color and do arts and crafts. I knew that I wanted to create things from nothing, and so slowly that turned into dance and me wanting to imitate dance moves that have performances and then grabbing remotes and pretending they were microphones.”

She continued, “And then, transferring poetry into singing. It was a slow build. I just know that even if I wasn’t doing music, I would want to be doing something creative, like maybe I’d be a ceramics teacher or something. Something where you get to create, and you’re using your imagination to bring things into fruition.”

As the alchemist of her life, Monét possesses the secret sauce it requires to have an almost delusional faith to turn dreams into reality. One example of this is her smash hit, “On My Mama,” which the California native said had to be created from a space that she wasn’t yet in after welcoming her baby girl, Hazel, into the world.

Creating something from nothing

“I had to create an emotion and a feeling that I didn’t feel,” Monét explained. “So, it’s just a cool reward to be able to see what it’s done, knowing where the emotions came from.”

The track has been a national anthem since it hit the airwaves, but the song could also double as a daily mantra, something that Monét is very adamant about teaching her daughter who made history herself as the youngest person nominated for a Grammy thanks to her appearance on the song “Hollywood” alongside her mother and the legendary Earth, Wind & Fire.

Raising little miss Hazel Monét Gaines to understand her power

“One way that I really try to keep her positive is with affirmations. Of course, we pray and things, but I think a lot of the time when you’re traveling throughout the day, you’re talking to yourself, you’re in your own head, and you talk to yourself the most,” Monét said. “More than I talk to her, she’s talking to herself more than anybody, so positive affirmations are really helpful for us so that her inner voice is saying positive things. That’s the best way I know to keep her safe in moments where I’m not right next to her to reaffirm her greatness. And as she grows, that’ll be in her subconscious like, ‘OK, I know how I need to be speaking to myself and who got me here.'”

As she looks ahead to the future, Monét will continue to bask in her post-Grammys glow while also receiving an outpour of admiration from longtime fans, peers and people who not only paved the way for her but legends like Earth, Wind & Fire’s Verdine White, whom she worked alongside for Jaguar II. 

“It’s kind of indescribable to be looking up to someone for so long and now that they know your name, not only do they know it, but they’re saying so many good things about it,” Monét expressed.

Breaking up with self-doubt

“My real struggle is to not try to have imposter syndrome and being like, ‘No, that’s too much,’ but just accepting it and knowing that’s how people feel and to feel the love that I so long desired,” she added. “I’m trying to stay balanced. It’s all happening, but there’s more work to be done and now, it’s wanting to prove their statements. Like he said in that interview, “She’s going to be a future icon.” So, I’m like, ‘Well, I better get to work.'”

Moreover, following the ceremony where the “Moment” crooner was nominated for 7 Grammys and walked away with three awards for best-engineered album, non-classical, best new R&B album, and best new artist, Monét said her celebratory drink of choice is CÎROC Limonata, partnering with the brand for the launch of the new flavor. She says it matches the energy of her respective journey in the music industry.

How she's celebrating her wins

“What I like about CÎROC Limonata is that it reminds me of the quote about turning lemons into lemonade,” she shared. “And I feel like, especially this week in particular, the story definitely correlates with mine. Just all of the years of hearing nos, hearing people saying that I can’t do something or pushing me to the backburner… but then this weekend, I feel like it was the lemonade and to be able to have CÎROC Limonata in my corner and to be partnering with the brand just means so much. It’s exactly how I want to celebrate.”