A group of black British tourists accused a KFC location of kicking them out because of their race.

One of the women in the group recorded part of the incident and posted it on Facebook on Thursday. In the video, which was viewed over 250,000 times, the group can be seen arguing with two officers about why they were being kicked out.

At one point, one of the officers asks the woman to stop recording, and she refuses.

“No, you can't tell me to delete it from my phone, it's my phone," she says.

The group was eventually escorted outside where the argument continued. Once there, the group can be heard being told they were put out for being “too loud.”

The group refutes the claim, accusing KFC workers and the police of being racist and “one-sided.”

A spokesperson for the police department denies race was a factor.

According The Washington Post, the police rep says the police were called for “vandalism,” and store workers said the “group of eight people refused to leave the store. They had thrown around food and insulted employees.”

Additionally, the department has filed “complaints” against the group for filming and uploading video of the incident despite being warned doing so is illegal.

KFC also released a statement supporting the Berlin location.

"After futile attempts to resolve the situation, [a KFC employee] believed he was forced to contact the police in order to ensure protection of the staff and guests," the company said.

Kelon Pierre, a member of the group, told Deutsche Welle a different story. He said there was an argument with a manager, but no one threw food.

"Other guests around us also talked and laughed. That is why I wanted to know: Why are you only talking to us?" he said. “"We were the only black people in the restaurant and the only ones who were asked to be quieter."