Update (October 21, 2019): Oregon high school football coach, Keanon Lowe, disarmed 19-year-old Angel Granados-Diaz in May when the student brought a gun to school.

More than five months later, surveillance video of the incident at Parkrose High School has surfaced on the internet, allowing the public to get a closer look at Lowe's heroics.

The video shows Lowe walking out of a building with the gun in one hand while holding the student with the other. The coach then throws the gun to another person and hugs Granados-Diaz while waiting for police to arrive.

KOIN 6 news obtained the video from the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office through a public records request.

The Parkrose School District, however, wasn't happy with the release of the video.

In a statement posted on Twitter, the district said KOIN's request was denied because releasing the video is a violation of students rights through the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). 

"The release of the video has a significant impact on the students, staff and families of Parkrose High School. This was a traumatic event for out students, staff and community," the district said. "We are very disappointed that KOIN news chose to release the video without our permission and consideration of the impact of releasing the footage."

In an interview with KOIN, Lowe described the incident involving Granados-Diaz.

Lowe, who also works as a security guard at the school, said he was called to the fine arts building to get a student.

“I walk in there, I get to the classroom, I’m in the classroom for 15, 20 seconds — you know, I ask the teacher, ‘Is the student here?'” Lowe told KOIN. "The door opens — I’m within arm’s length of the door, about three feet away from the door, and there’s a kid with a gun, a shotgun.”

That's when Lowe wrestled the gun away from Granados-Diaz and walked him out of the classroom while students nearby took off.

“I felt compassion for him," Lowe told KOIN. "A lot of times, especially when you’re young, you don’t realize what you’re doing until it’s over.”

According to KOIN, Granados-Diaz pleaded guilty  to gun charges and avoided time behind bars, but received a 36-month probation sentence.

Prosecutors said Granados-Diaz brought the gun to only harm himself, USA Today reported.