A troubling video made by a group of students at Arvin High School has sparked outrage online, as a teen with “special needs” was the target of cruel bullying.

The situation at the Kern County, California, institution came to light late last week after a student-made video began spreading throughout social media.

The video, which was reuploaded and condemned by a TikToker going by @erikaharris14, shows a group of people laughing and recording a student as he shaves patches of hair off of the teen’s head.

In response to the bullied teen wiping tears from his eyes during the distressing ordeal, a classmate can be heard saying, “no llores, mijo” — or “don’t cry, little boy.”

@erikaharris14This young boy has special needs and has been getting bullied. Yesterday they shaved patches of his head and the school did nothing♬ original sound – Tik Toker

Over the reupload is a message, which reads, “This boy was bullied and made fun of to shave his head at school. He was crying!!!”

“You guys think this is funny, he was fkn crying because you people pressure him into doing stuff. This is not okay. I hope the school does something about this and punishes you all,” the message continues. “Even security laughed and didn’t do anything!!! I’m so outraged. Arvin high is trash.”

The user also added further context towards the end of the upload, writing, “These kids made fun of his hair because he couldn’t afford a haircut.”

“Stand up for what’s right. Imagine how that boy felt when he went home,” she powerfully added.

Once the video began gaining more circulation online, many expressed their disappointment and outrage — including the bullied teen’s mother, Abe Santiago.

“We want those kids to be punished and to understand that what they did was not right,” she said, according to 23ABC Bakersfield. “They cannot continue to hurt others.”

Flor Santiago, the bullied teen’s aunt, also condemned the situation.

“The parents should see the type of kids they are raising,” she expressed, 23ABC Bakersfield reports. “Other times, they are telling him things and also hitting him in the stomach, apparently confusing him for someone else. But we both know that you can’t just go up to someone and hit them in the stomach and say, ‘I was confused of who it was.'”

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On top of the online outrage, the local community immediately rallied together in support of the teen.

Arvin High School administrators swiftly issued a statement, reading, “In regards to the recent event at AHS, please know the school has taken action and will continue to take action.”

“We appreciate your strong emotions and anger toward this incident; the staff at AHS share your feelings. We do not condone these actions and please know er do educate against bullying,” the release continued.

While the specifics of how the matter’s being handled are under wraps, it’s worth adding that the student in question, referred to as “Javier,” received some help and support from a local barber named Herm Almanza.

We should also note that, mere days after this bullying incident came to light, Arvin High School coincidentally held a SALT (Save A Life Today) Walk in memory of a former student who died by suicide shortly after graduating, according to 23ABC Bakersfield.

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