Footage from presidential candidate Marianne Williamson has resurfaced from her 2018 "Love America Tour" at Unity of Houston. The presidential hopeful directed white attendees to touch the nearest black person to them and apologize for past injustices done by white people.

Houston Chronicle's fashion and beauty editor Joy Sewing described her experience in the audience of Williamson's speech, where nearly 700 people were in attendance.

Sewing describes the moment Williamson gathered all the black people in the audience to stand, and asked the white people to join them hand in hand. Sewing was grabbed by what she believed to be a mother and daughter, as they began to follow Williamson in an apology.

"As she continued for what seemed like forever, I felt a rage boiling inside of me that was followed by a Viola Davis ugly cry," Sewing wrote. "I never thought I needed an apology from white people, but it felt like I was crying for my grandmother, my great-grandmother, and all my people who endured and died because of hate in this country."

Williamson caught national attention when she called for reparations for slavery and other institutional harm done to the Black community. She also previously wrote what she titled a "Prayer of Apology to African Americans." Williamson also became a social media meme after many made fun of her performance in the first Democratic debate.

"Marianne Williamson is right. We need healing. We need real talk about racism in this country. It's time for white people to get it," Sewing said. "An apology is a start."