nullI didn’t attend the Sundance Film Festival this year, so I haven’t seen this yet (it made its world premiere there in January). But it’s definitely been high on my "curiosity" list, and it’s good to finally see what it’s going to look, sound and feel like – at least as much as a trailer can give.

Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez star in "Lila & Eve," the "Thelma & Louise"-esque drama-thriller from director Charles Stone III, which also features Shea Whigham, Julius Tennon, Ron Caldwell, and Aml Ameen in front of the camera.

The story follows Lila (Davis), a grief-stricken mother reeling from her son’s murder, who attends a support group where she meets Eve (Lopez), who urges her to take matters into her own hands to track down her son’s killers. They pair then embark on a journey of sweet revenge.

ChickFlick Productions and JuVee Productions are producers on the film – JuVee Productions is Viola Davis’ production company, which she co-founded with her husband Julius Tennon.

You’ll recall when Davis launched JuVee Productions a couple of years ago, with the intent being to create and produce projects for herself, which is essentially what she’s done in this case.

A first trailer for the film has been released by distributor Samuel Goldwyn Films (release date set for July 17):