Married since 2016, Fox 5 Washington D.C. anchor Jeannette Reyes and her husband, Robert Burton, who is also a news anchor, announced on Instagram that they are expecting their first child, according to ABC News 7. 

The couple has endeared their followers with numerous comedy sketches using their anchor voices in everyday situations.

The couple tweeted the moment when Reyes surprised Burton with the news. Reyes shared that she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) which made getting pregnant difficult. However, the couple tried other measures to conceive and were finally successful.

"Years ago, we learned that I had PCOS. Though not impossible, we knew that we'd need some help getting pregnant," Reyes wrote in the caption of the video. "After a year of trying and a failed IUI, we decided that IVF was our best option. Thanks to lots of prayers and a little science, we are now expecting our own little blessing."

Twitter came out and congratulated the pair.

Congratulations!! I have PCOS also and it has been a 9 year struggle trying to get pregnant. This lets me know that there is hope! Praying for a healthy pregnancy and delivery for you! 💜💜

— LaPreill (@Songstress627) February 10, 2022

The couple's bundle of joy is due in July.