Less than a week after a photo of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) allegedly posing in blackface during his medical school days in 1984 surfaced online, another high-ranking official in the Commonwealth is admitting to similar wrongdoing. 

The Associated Press reports that Democratic Attorney General (AG) Mark Herring revealed Wednesday that he too donned blackface during his undergraduate years at the University of Virginia (UVA) in 1980. Per the news site, AG Herring's reasoning behind the racist act was because he wanted to look like a rapper.

In a statement posted to his official Twitter account, AG Herring expressed regret for his past decision and claimed it was a "onetime occurrence."

Herring, who is third in succession to serve in the highest office of the Commonwealth, told The Washington Post he plans to run for governor in 2021. In the days following Governor Northam's blackface scandal, the former state senator called on him to resign.

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