One of the newest characters introduced to us in Marvel’s Wakanda Forever was Namor. Portrayed by Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta, Namor is introduced to MCU fans as the king of the underwater nation, Talokan. With his mutant abilities to age slowly, breathe underwater, and fly in the air, Namor quickly swam into the hearts of every woman in theaters. Although we’re not supposed to like the villain, the handsome actor made lusting easy.

Amidst their lust, some fans noticed a few modifications to Namor that they weren’t too happy about. They were specifically concerned with Wakanda‘s new anti-hero and his superpower that weren’t fully revealed on the silver screen.

Allegedly, during the editing process, some digital shrinkage was done to Huerta’s private area. His costume of short swimming trunks left little to the imagination. The hide-and-seek bulge enticed some eagle-eyed fans to notice the editing staff had taken a little too much off the top and the bottom.

Twitter user @Belovasoup was the first to notice the reduction that no one asked for.