Watch Beyonce's dance captain get proposed to during a live show

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| September 12 2016,

01:55 am

So how many of us can say we've been proposed to while at work? Very few. And, not just any job. A job where Beyoncé is the boss with thousands watching the entire thing unfold. Her dance captain, Ashley Everett is the only person who can attest to this kind of epic moment

Her boyfriend liked it, so naturally he put a ring on it with the help of Queen Bey. During The Formation World Tour concert stop in St. Louis Saturday night, Bey paused in the middle of her "Single Ladies" performance. In all her glory, she passed the mic to backup dancer John Silver. He then pulled Ashley to the side for a surprising marriage proposal that Bey was in on the entire time

Ashley said, "yes!".

Photo: YouTube / Simon Venekeo

Cute moment..but the Queen was ready to get back to work.

Photo: YouTube / Simon Venekeo

Okay, love birds. The show must go on.

Photo: YouTube / Simon Venekeo

And it most certainly did.

Photo: YouTube/Simon Venekeo

Ashley later gushed about the moment on Instagram.


And he did too.


They're just too darn cute!

Happy birthday ❤️

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