IT'S BACK! The film that everyone has a strong opinion about, Because I Love You, written and directed by Joseph Elmore (which we've covered before here on S & A – most recently HERE) has a new extended trailer.

If you recall, the film deals with "Cream, a beautiful young exotic dancer torn between good and evil, internally as well as externally. On the night that she chooses a life of good over evil, the Gentlemen's Club where she dances gets robbed and she is taken hostage by a group of wild animals. She is driven to an undisclosed location and brutalized repeatedly. Feeling like all hope is gone, it is the love of her daughter, who is waiting for her to come home that keeps her alive."

Furtheromore the filmmakers are proud of their film because, in their words it's a "must see film that mixes action, crime and comedy up in a pot and feeds our movie going need for good old fashion, no holds barred entertainment. Most importantly it’s a love story in the greatest sense of the phrase. It is about unconditional love, between a man and a woman, friends, family and especially the love of a mother and her child."

Here's the new trailer; can't wait to see what you all are going to say about it now: