I didn’t care for the first trailer (the UK trailer), released a couple of weeks ago; having already seen the film, I just didn’t feel that it did the best job of really capturing what I saw last month. This new trailer for the upcoming USA release is pretty much the same thing; the main difference is that the MPAA NC-17 and Fox Searchlight placards have been added to the front of it. Other than that, it’s the same as the first trailer.

But, whatever… I’ll live, I’m sure 🙂

As the title states, also included in this post is a clip from the film showing one of co-star Nicole Beharie’s few scenes; this one after her first date with Michael Fassbender’s troubled “Brandon.”

The film will be out in limited release on December 2nd.

First, watch the clip (the *new* trailer follows underneath):

And here’s the new US trailer: