Summer Walker released her new album Still Over It on Friday and fans can't get over the last song on the project, titled "Ciara's Prayer." Ciara lent her voice for the final track, and she finally gave fans the prayer she used to pull her husband Russell Wilson. The internet went up in flames on Friday morning as everyone shared their hilarious and relatable reactions to the song. 

A common misconception about the long-rumored prayer was that the singer simply prayed for a man to love, but as this user points out, that’s not all the prayer was about. It was also a call to remember her worth and start moving accordingly.

One person summed up how the rest of the single people felt when they heard the prayer, saying that they’re going to memorize it because they can’t go on like this.

God’s voicemail box might be full after the people got ahold of Ciara’s prayer, one person joked. 

Ari, rapper MoneyBagg Yo's girlfriend, commended Walker for choosing the prayer as the final song on her new album.

Users quickly started manifesting the dream man they want in their lives after figuring out the specific qualities to start looking for. 

As one person eloquently pointed out, the “genuine” message she put up to a higher power was also about her growth as a woman. 

“Sis said she was ready to accept better and so she did,” the Twitter user wrote.