Wendy Williams is facing backlash after cruelly announcing the death of TikTok star Swavy during her show on Wednesday.

The talk show host started the segment by asking the audience to clap if they recognize the 19-year-old who she had pictured on the screen. BBC reports Swavy was killed in a Delaware shooting on Monday. 

“I have no idea who this is. Neither does Norman. Neither does one person in this building,” she said before commanding the viewers to respond with a clap. 

Williams then proceeded to explain that Swavy is somebody who has more TikTok followers than herself. The audience, still clueless about where the segment was heading at the point, continued to laugh with the TV star as she joked about the popularity of Swavy. But the atmosphere in the room completely flipped when Williams suddenly announced the tragic news.

"He’s 19 and he was murdered Monday morning,” the TV star said casually, yielding several gasps from the audience.