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Posted under: Black Twitter Trending

Black Twitter's Men In Headwraps Movement Is The Best Thing Ever

Trends are temporary, style is forever. Let's make it happen, fellas.

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When Black Twitter comes together, you know magic is being made.

This past Saturday, black men got in formation with an ode to the fashionable accessory that is the headwrap. The item is already revered by women of color as a clutch alternative to the dreaded bad hair day and a chic way to spice up an outfit. 

The fellas got in on the action, grabbing the first piece of cloth they could find and posting selfies as far as the fingers could scroll. 

Why? Because of the lost hoodies! 

@Mute_McNeil was the first to start, and then Instantly, the timeline chimed in in all their black beauty and excellence.

Photo: @Mute_McNeil

Peep these angles.


All sorts of creativity.

Solidarity became the move.

Hide yo' wraps, hide yo' fabric.

Then came the final boss of the headwrap game.

Seriously, though.

Call it revenge, call it style. But, whatever you do, call it genius.

Photo: Essence 

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