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bpollard Bee Pollard

Bee's a staff writer, blogger and true blue Aries with a love for hip-hop, "The Simpsons", vinyl and carbs. Follow her on all her socials: @thedfff.

bpollard's posts

This Son's Reason For Bringing His Mother To Prom Will Make Your Heart Melt

When Rayquan Howard was pondering who would be the lucky lady on his arm at his senior prom, it was a no-brainer.The East Mecklenburg High student opted to bring his mother, Rochelle Howard-Moss, as his date for the special night. His reasoning behind the choice is sure to make your heart melt."She didn't get to go to her prom, so I made it a priority to take her to my...

5 Black Collegiate Style Icons You Should Follow

Books? $500. Tuition? Let's not even go there. Effortless, borderline enviable style? Priceless.As a college student, it can be so easy to throw on a pair of sweats, a hoodie and Nike flip-flops to head to class. Rarely do we find the inspiration to put together an outfit worthy of all the double-taps and reblogs. There are a few amongst us, however, who push through and serve...

Find Out Who The "HUMBLE." Beat Was Originally Intended For

The bass-knocking, stank face-inducing hit that we've come to know as "HUMBLE." has been taking over the Billboard charts, and is sure to be a staple in our personal soundtracks for years to come. The mastermind behind the track, Mike Will-Made It, sat down with NPR and revealed that the track almost went to another industry king."I made that beat when Gucci Mane was...