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bpollard Bee Pollard


Bee's a staff writer, blogger and true blue Aries with a love for hip-hop, "The Simpsons", vinyl and carbs. Follow her on all her socials: @thedfff.

bpollard's posts

Meet Lincoln Mondy, The Filmmaker Behind "Black Lives / Black Lungs"

I met Lincoln Mondy close to two years ago and needless to say, it was such a blessing.His energy was magnetic. His humor, quick and effortless. His style, immaculate. His heart, as warm as any. What compelled me to get to know the Dallas native was his passion for social innovation and activism. When Mondy has an opinion, especially when it comes to his community, he is already on ten...

Hey Emmys, You Forgot To Nominate These 5 Brilliant Performances

Nominations for the 69th Primetime Emmys were announced midday July 13, evoking mixed reactions amongst the masses. While the topic of diversity seems to have been curbed, as many people of color were rightfully included in this year's nomination class for their extraordinary in television, critics have called to question some pretty major oversights. It's so great to see people...

To Body Positive Critics: Why My Body Is None Of Your Business

Summer’s always an interesting time of year for me.For months, my timeline and my group chats have been inundated with conversations about folks getting their bodies in shape for the warmer seasons. Everyone’s discussing their personal desire to be snatched, remarking on how they shouldn't have indulged in dessert at brunch or knocked back so many shots of Crown....