A white female supervisor on a Brussels Airlines flight slapped a Black passenger in the midst of a chaotic moment. 

According to The Sun, the chaos started when the passenger allegedly became angry because two men were elbowing his mother while sitting next to her on both sides. Video of the incident starts with the passenger yelling at a male flight attendant who was trying to calm him down.

"You don’t put your hands on me!" the passenger said to the male attendant as the video begins.  

"He put his hands on my husband," the passenger's wife can be heard saying in the background.

The passenger continued to argue with the attendant, saying "I will beat the s**t out of you." 

As the wife asks for the police, the scene continues to escalate. A white female attendant then enters the picture and wags her finger in the face of the passenger while the wife continues to say "he touched him. He hit him."

"If you don't finish, you will get in trouble," the female attendant says to the passenger as she continues to wag her finger.

While the argument continued, the white woman slapped the Black passenger. The man then slapped her back, and the video ends with several people jumping into the fight.

A woman named Carmen Moore shared the video on Facebook.

"This happened on a Brussels airline flight this morning. A Black man, his wife and family were traveling back from a vacation," she wrote. "The man is complaining about two men who were sitting on the sides of his Mother-in-law and elbowing her as she was sitting in the middle seat."

Moore said "the man complained to the supervisor and was told 'they didn’t have to help him.'"

"The female Supervisor proceeded to defend the men who were elbowing the woman when the man said something to the supervisor. She slapped him," Moore said. "The men who jumped on him broke his ribs and the police drug him down the plane's steel stairs despite the man asking for medical attention prior."

The Black passenger posted a video to tell his side of the story.

"I was just assaulted by two people on the flight crew," he said. "A gentleman hit me in the face when I tried to tell him somebody was doing something to my mother. His boss then comes and I'm trying to tell her he hit me in the face. She tells me to calm down and she then pushes me and slaps me in the face."

The man added that "three or four passengers" jumped on him and started kicking and choking him.

"I got broken ribs here," he said. "I think I got whiplash, but what the f**k. I smacked this woman on this flight —the woman who smacked me."