A video has gone viral across social media that shows a car salesman urinating on a Black woman’s driver’s license.

“I feel so violated,” Leah Jefferson wrote in a Facebook post. “I’m literally shaking, scared and sick to my stomach.” 

The Milwaukee native continued to explain her outrage in her post. 

On Feb. 26, Jefferson visited NH Auto Sales LLC in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to view a 2004 Honda Civic. In the post, Jefferson mentioned she decided to test drive the car. The 19-year-old claimed she spoke with the car salesman, Ryan Slaven, before coming to the lot.

Jefferson recalled giving her driver’s license to Slaven in the lengthy post. “Upon getting the keys I had to trade my ID in which I did in front of my friends mom and a random lady,” she wrote.

After a 30-minute test drive, Jefferson attempted to negotiate the price with the salesman but ultimately decided against the vehicle. 

After leaving the dealership, she realized she had left her ID behind and contacted Slaven, offering him a $5 Cash App transaction to return her identification. Unfortunately, the car salesman stated he didn’t have her ID and “wouldn’t return to the office until Monday.”

Jefferson admitted she was a little upset but understood. She ended the story by revealing she received a shocking video through Instagram later that evening.

“My LICENSE, my state ID that is my property that I need. The guy in the bubble vest is his associate or boss; they sell cars together. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!! I feel so violated dawg, my family address is listed in big prints where they lay and sleep and night. DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO WITH THIS ONE,” she wrote.

Jefferson shared screenshots of Slaven’s Facebook profile, the car lot information and the video a Snapchat user sent her.

The appalling video shows a man holding Jefferson’s license saying, “This is what happens … when you say stupid s**t to us.”

While the men’s identities in the video are unconfirmed, Jefferson believed Slaven and a coworker were holding the license and recording the incident.

Another voice is heard in the background, directing the man to place the license on the bumper.

The man places the ID on the back bumper of a beige-colored pickup truck with a Wisconsin license plate that reads SG3539. Once the identification card is on the bumper, he urinates on it.

The video closes with an image of a Trump Hotel doormat.

The Kenosha Police Department announced it is investigating the incident on its Facebook page.

The statement began: “KPD is aware of a disgusting act of disrespect towards a person’s property, a video of which is being widely shared on social media. We have been in contact with the victim and are working with that person on the investigation.”

The statement continued: “KPD is also aware that this video has been viewed, a lot! We are aware of the threats being made to the immature culprits and their business.

While we can understand that viewing this video causes emotional reactions, we cannot and will not tolerate any acts of violence towards those responsible or associated with the business or the business itself.”

There have been no reports of arrests made since the video became public.

On Thursday, KPD issued another Facebook statement announcing it had referred misdemeanor charges to the Kenosha County District Attorney’s Office for “two adult men associated with the video” for criminal damage to property, disorderly conduct, theft, and unlawful use of computerized communications systems. However, authorities said they would not “name the suspects until they are formally charged.”