A video has gone viral across social media that shows a car salesman urinating on a Black woman’s driver’s license.

“I feel so violated,” Leah Jefferson wrote in a Facebook post. “I’m literally shaking, scared and sick to my stomach.” 

The Milwaukee native continued to explain her outrage in her post. 

On Feb. 26, Jefferson visited NH Auto Sales LLC in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to view a 2004 Honda Civic. In the post, Jefferson mentioned she decided to test drive the car. The 19-year-old claimed she spoke with the car salesman, Ryan Slaven, before coming to the lot.

Jefferson recalled giving her driver’s license to Slaven in the lengthy post. “Upon getting the keys I had to trade my ID in which I did in front of my friends mom and a random lady,” she wrote.

After a 30-minute test drive, Jefferson attempted to negotiate the price with the salesman but ultimately decided against the vehicle. 

After leaving the dealership, she realized she had left her ID behind and contacted Slaven, offering him a $5 Cash App transaction to return her identification. Unfortunately, the car salesman stated he didn’t have her ID and “wouldn’t return to the office until Monday.”