Ok, let me rephrase that. Two white girls should have learned a lesson in checking their privilege, but instead it seems, in true Trump supporter fashion, they learned how to make themselves the victim. 

On Friday, a 16-year-old high school Junior went to Twitter about the woes of being a Trump supporter. Although she's 16 and can't even vote, she refuses to be shamed for her political views. In a recent school trip, the group decided to stop on Howard's campus for lunch. Obviously oblivious to what Howard University is, her and one of her friends thought it would be a good idea to sport their "Make America Great Again" hats alongside a Trump shirt. However, when they stepped on campus, they couldn't believe how the "mean negroes" reacted. 

Trump supporters want to be oppressed so bad.

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So, let's get this straight. You come to Howard's campus for lunch without doing any research on the school or its history? Hmm, I find that hard to believe. But even so, you feel like your white privilege is so strong that you can come into our spaces and spew the rhetoric of your president? Nope. Not today. Of course, black Twitter let her have it.

Howard University quickly responded to the incident as well. 

Today, there were visitors on our campus who were wearing paraphernalia that showcased their political support. 1/10

— Howard University (@HowardU) August 20, 2017

Of course, Howard University's Twitter mentions are filled with racist trolls at the moment, but that doesn't stop the fact from remaining that what's for us is for us and your white privilege doesn't work there. I wish that this had been a lesson in thinking of other people's humanity other than your own rather than a lesson in playing the victim. With everything that's going on in this country, her great president had the time to sympathize with white supremacists and she can't understand why we don't sympathize with her. By her Twitter feed, she's feeling empowered by other trolls and Trump supporters instead of taking this and learning from it. Welp, God Bless Donald Trump's America…just know when you step into our spaces, all of that goes out the window.

And to be quite frank, girl, just be glad nobody gave you that two piece with a biscuit you were looking for lunch.

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