A family in Kansas was celebrating a birthday with friends at a Hooters restaurant when a child wandered away and reportedly became the victim of a racist incident.

The pre-schooler was insulted by a firefighter simply because of his skin color, reports KCTV. The firefighter, who has not been publicly identified, allegedly spat on the child and called him racial slurs, according to witnesses. 

"The n-word started to get thrown around … he basically said, 'Hey, get that little blank up off the floor,'" one witness said. 

Photo: Giphy

What happened next is even worse. The firefighter used his badge and privilege to justify why it was okay that he spat on a child. When police approached him he shrugged off his actions by saying, "It's okay, I'm a fireman." 

One witness complained that the man was using his position and power as a "blanket [to] cover everything for him.”

However, the firefighter's position may not be enough to keep him out of trouble. He could face criminal charges, and the case has been turned over to the district attorney. 

This is just shameful.