White Man Seen Pulling A Gun On Black Kids At Florida MLK Event While Calling Them 'F**king N****rs'

Mark Allen Bartlett was booked on charges of possessing a concealed weapon.

Photo credit:Twitter/@Dreamdefenders

| January 22 2019,

6:21 pm

The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday is meant to bring Americans together as they honor the late civil rights leader. In Miami, Florida, however, a white male decided to mark the occasion with a racist tirade instead.

On Monday, a disturbing video caught Mark Allen Bartlett waving a firearm at a group of Black children demonstrating at an anti-gun violence rally.

According to the New York Post, the frightening confrontation occurred in the Brickell neighborhood of Miami at a yearly protest organized by Dream Defenders, a civil rights group, called "Bikes Up, Guns Down." The youth activists gathered in the neighborhood with their bikes to protest gun violence and creeping gentrification.

The incident involving the gunman began when a white woman identified as Dana Scalione accused the teens of blocking the road with their bikes. The Miami New Times reports her verbal altercation with the teens heated up when the woman accused a boy of running over her foot. She repeatedly screamed, "You just touched me, you bunch of thugs!"

As Scalione leaves the scene, Bartlett then emerged from his vehicle and began harassing the children, calling them "dumb-a*s f****g "n*****s."

Still receiving details. The earlier video was the *second* time she got out of the car to harass the teenagers. pic.twitter.com/lif03bR3SY

The 51-year-old man was detained and booked on charges of possessing a concealed weapon, writes the New York Post. He was kept overnight on a bond of $5,000.

The Miami Herald reports Bartlett could face more serious charges, such as hate crime charges, which come with longer sentences.

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