A white battle rapper got punched in the face after the audacity of caucasity prompted him to say "n***a" to his Black opponent.

William Wolf was feeling bold when he came up against Avenue C in a rap battle in West Philly. While he recited his bars, Wolf revealed Avenue C explicitly told him not to say the word during the session.

"I ain't like these other battle rappers, they talk too much,” he stated. “Saying I can't say the n-word in this battle."

Apparently, he took Avenue’s instructions as an invitation.

“My n***a…” Wolf began.

We don’t know what was supposed to come after those two words because Avenue C popped him before he could finish.

Onlookers broke it up before Avenue was forced to take the altercation to another level. And we won't even talk about ole' boy in the blue who was eager to defend his white friend who'd just said "n***a."

A podcast confirmed the cocky Caucasian was warned before the battle even started, according to The Source.

Avenue C told New Era podcast host Ben Swayze Wolf that he knew the verse would piss him off.

“We were talking about it before we even battled. He kept telling me that he was going to say something in one of his rounds that’s gonna make me want to steal him.” Avenue C recalled. “So I am telling him… ‘Bro… if you say something that’s gonna make me steal you, I am gonna steal you.'”

They also had a conversation about "n***a."

“Prior to that, he and I had a conversation off-camera and I told him ‘Bro… I don’t want to hear you say the N-word in this battle, bruh.'”

The clip went viral, and the culture rendered its verdict.

The perpetually vocal Boosie Badazz also weighed in. He admitted his white friends have used it toward him but argued white people have to read the room.

"It's probably just a bad situation for him," Boosie told TMZ. "I done had white, close white friends call me 'my n***a,' you know. You can't do that [in] certain situations. You gotta know how to say that word. In a battle rap you dissin'. In a battle rap, it's different. It's aggression."

He had no sympathy for Wolf.

"They was supposed to bust him in his s**t, they did the right thing," he continued. "If you were trying to be derogatory with it, like you was trying to be offense-ful with it, and that's something that you can't do being who you are. That's why it happened.”

Wolf addressed the situation in a video and claimed his rap was “misinterpreted” and the fight was “not that deep” because he wasn’t seriously hurt.

However, it was deep enough for him to take a break from battling.

“I might fall back off battle rap for a little while because of how corny this s**t played out,” Wolf said. “That’s gonna make this shit not fun to me anymore.”

You play stupid games, you get stupid prizes…or a fist to the face.