A white reporter attempted to say Kawhi Leonard’s catchphrase and failed miserably.

“What it do baby?” became a legit meme when Leonard’s teammate Serge Ibaka posted a clip of him saying the phrase on social media, according to USA Today.

Like many things popularized by Black folks, it was bound to Columbus-ed and butchered by an overeager white person. The cringe-inducing moment finally happened when Leonard spoke to reporter Taylor Bisciotti on the red carpet at The Kids’ Choice Sports awards.

“My producer David has a little wager to open this up and say what it be baby?” Bisciotti said.

Leonard was taken aback but a good sport.

“What it do baby?” he said with a chuckle. “That’s funny.”

Taylor, you had one job.

We're not the only ones shaking our heads.

It’s official, this is the new “whew chilay!”

One day, white folks will stop veering out of their lanes because they crash every time.