To celebrate the last day of black history month on Monday, Twitter started the hashtag #WhitePeopleInvitedToTheCookout, which highlighted our fictional and factual white allies.

Here are 27 people to add to the guest list:

Photo: giphy
Photo: giphy

1. Because she’s been holding us down since her first brown eyes/ blue eyes experiment.

2. Because he’s an OG of “blue-eyed soul”

3. Because of that perfectly rapped Nicki verse.

4. Because of all the Missy videos! Pass her the sweet potatoes.

5. Because he’s the one tweeting out the cookout address

6. Because she’s perfected the black girl side eye

7. Because he’s a Kanye fan, clearly

8. Because some people still put him in their top 5

9. Because he can turn up like the young folk

10. Because Tom Brady (kinda) has rhythm, and he’s handsome and wealthy

11. Because he’s the first one up when the beat drops.

12. Because she’s the designated driver

13. Because he’s bringing the Henny

14. Because you need a ride or die…

15. And a partner in crime

16. Because his wife packed him a to-go plate before the game

17. Because who knew Zoey could get down like that?

18. Because who doesn’t love uncle Joe?

19. Because she can shake it like a salt shaker

20. Because we know he’ll have our backs if something pops off

23. Because he’s the one on the “grill”

24. Self- explanatory

25. Because he’s Bill Nye and that’s enough.

26. Because you can’t be sitting on the side when we start dancing

27. Well, only one person in this picture is invited…

Shhh don’t tell him…

Welcome, fam !

Photo: tumblr

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