While receiving the American Icon Award at the Fashion Group International Night of Stars event, Whoopi Goldberg reflected on the criticism she faced for the red carpet look she wore at the 1993 Oscars.

“It hurt my feelings. It kept me from dressing up for a very long time,” the EGOT winner told Page Six in an interview on Tuesday. “You have to remember, in those days, they would say things, and you’d think, ‘Do I really look that ridiculous?'”

At 1993’s ceremony, Goldberg wore a green and dark purple jumpsuit, along with an open-front skirt and a bolero-style jacket, as well as lime green earrings and heels, which she said was inspired by Lucille Ball’s self-titled character on the iconic I Love Lucy sitcom.

“Lucy would always come out in these great ensembles. And I thought, ‘I would like to wear that!’ And green is not a color I would normally wear; let me try it!” she said.

Goldberg said the criticism she faced hurt her confidence, but she made it clear she’d still wear the ensemble again today if she could. The Sister Act star continues to make bold fashion statements today; she is especially proud of her quirky shoe collection, which she often shows off on social media.


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During a 2020 episode of The View, Goldberg fired back at people criticizing her for repeatedly wearing the same jacket.

“Look at me. Do I care?” the actress said at the time, People reported. “No. ‘Cause I’m comfortable in this bad boy!”

As she accepted the American Icon Award, Goldberg reflected on how far she has come, per WWD.

“Who’s luckier than me? I’m from the projects,” she said. “I’m in a room with people who do and think remarkable things. Thank you for letting me be in your presence and welcome and not a freak.”

She also reminded the audience that there was a time when Black women were not allowed to stand on such stages and receive an honor like the one she received.

“Changes have happened,” she said. “You all have made changes happen. I thank you for that more than anything because without that I couldn’t be here with you. I couldn’t look as I look and be as I am.”