I mean that. Does anyone really care anymore about them? And I'm not just talking about black people. I mean ANYONE? Black, white, male, female, gay, straight, Christian, Jew, Muslim. Anyone who thinks that the Oscars are still that important, raise your hands.

Go ahead, raise them. Wait there's one…nope. Wait, there's one over there…nope. I was mistaken. Anyone? Yeah I thought so.

It's been my belief for the longest time now that the Oscars are well past their shelf life. They're passe, antiquated, irrelevant. The world has changed and priorities have changed. Or maybe it's because as you grow up and years go by you become increasingly less tolerant of B.S.

Does it really matter that a small select group of people decide what was the best film of the year or who gave the best performance? What makes them know-it-alls?

Orson Welles never won an Oscar for best director and neither did Alfred Hitchcock. Ordinary People beat out Raging Bull for Best Picture. Goodfellas got beat by Dancing with Wolves. Shakespare in Love beat out Saving Private Ryan. Seriously?

Sure, there are a few things that I was happy to see recognized this year like Tree of Life, which I still think is outstanding, and I was glad to see Gary Oldman, who I personally thought gave the single best performance I saw any actor give last year, get a monination for Tinker Tailor Solider Spy. But even if he wasn't nominated I still would think it was the best performances I've seen by any actor last year.

Everybody is so excited about all the nominations for The Artist, one of single most overrated loads of crap from last year. "Oooh look it's in black and white and silent! How original! How visionary!" How about watching some real silent movies from the 1920's for a change, any single one of them far superior to The Artist? Actually Mel Brooks' 1976 comedy Silent Movie is far and way ten times better than what The Artist will ever be and a hell of a lot funnier too,

Just this morning I read a piece lamenting that Pariah got no Oscar nominations but The Help did, and that black people should boycott the Oscars. What again???? Like how many times have I heard that before? Besides Pariah is a superb film and will always be one. So what if it didn't get any nominations? If it somehow did get "white" approval from the Academy, than that would have made it a better film? Are people still that brainwashed?

Nope sorry. I just can't even fain an interest in the Oscars anyone. I can't even remember who won last year. However I do confess that I was actually looking forward to seeing the Awrads show this year because Eddie Murphy was going to host it. But then we know how that turned out, or rather didn't.

So now I have really no excuse to see it. Tell me later how it turned out.