Whoopi Goldberg is firing back at Donald Trump after the former president took shots at her on his social media platform. Trump first blasted The View host on Truth Social, posting a photo of Goldberg with a caption that states, “I’m moving to Canada for sure this time!” 

Trump added his own caption that read, “Canada doesn’t want you Whoopi, NOBODY DOES!!!” Deadline reported.

On Monday’s episode of The View, Goldberg addressed the situation.

“You know what I’m a little agitated about?,” the EGOT winner said. “That man has something to say to me, he saw a meme that said I was leaving the country. People always see these crazy memes that say I’m gonna leave the country if he gets in there. Somebody else said I was leaving and sent suggestions for people to take my place.”

Goldberg then looked straight into the camera with a smile and made it clear that she was not going anywhere.

“He said nobody wanted me. Honey, you know what, it wouldn’t matter if no one here wanted me. I know where I’m going to be because I got a contract so I’m going to be here [where] I’m wanted for the next couple of years.”

The live audience responded with cheers as Goldberg responded.

“We love you Whoopi,” one person in the audience can be heard shouting.

This isn’t the first time Goldberg and Trump have gone at it. In 2011, Goldberg called out Trump for spreading false misinformation about Barack Obama’s birthplace, Newsweek reported. As Trump appeared on The View at that time, the Goldberg actress told Trump that his conspiracy theory was “the biggest pile of dog mess.”

As Trump was bashing immigrants and people of various backgrounds during his presidential campaign in 2016, Goldberg said on The View at the time that she didn’t want to live in a country where it’s common to disrespect people in such a way. She later clarified her comments multiple times, saying she doesn’t plan to move to any other country.

“I wouldn’t leave this country for him to piss all over. I’ve been here since the late 1700s,” Goldberg said in 2016, adding a touch of humor to her statement.

Goldberg was once again critical of Trump in January as she spoke with Wyoming representative Liz Cheney on The View.

“If [Trump] ever gets in again, we’ll never have anymore elections — there will be no more,” she said, per Newsweek. “He will stop it, and he’s very clear about that. He wants to be dictator for life.”