We knew going into 2015 that #BlackTwitter would finally start to blossom after seeing hints of its potential in 2013 and 2014. Now it seems we are reaching a critical mass which has resulted in a phenomenon known as “Overwhelming Blackness” that took off on Twitter over the weekend. The most obvious reference point stems from a recent Jezebel  article titled “The Overwhelming Blackness of Kendrick’s Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly.”  However, Black Twitter expanded on the concept of Overwhelming Blackness and used it as a platform to showcase and highlight our community in all of our unapologetic, Ebony glory. In the same vein of #BlackLivesMatter and #BlackOutDay many users utilized the hashtag #OverwhelmingBlackness to create a stunning collage of melanin on fleek. Blavity has gathered just someone of the highlights and posted them below, because we feel like its not our fault that our culture, our people are just naturally overwhelming. Enjoy.





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