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What It Takes to Slay

Here are 7 moving quotes from black women to inspire your inner slayage.
Blavity Team
 • a month ago

Issa Rae Says She Wants To Make Sure To Empower Women To Ask For The Raises They Deserve

Rae: “Working in the corporate world, I never asked for a raise..."
Tonja Renée Stidhum
 • a month ago

This List Of 100 Women On OkayAfrica Highlight Some Of The Motherland's Most Magical Women

OkayAfrica's 100 Women list features Joy-Ann Reid, Uzo Aduba, and Nigeria's Women Bobsled Team.
Keith Andre
 • 2 months ago

3 Impressive Women Of Color Entrepreneurs To Watch

Female entrepreneurs are continuing to take the American market by storm!
 • 2 months ago

Taye Diggs Says He Resents Black Women For Making Him Think He Can't 'Mess With A White Girl'

Try again.
Alexa Lisitza
 • 2 months ago

Impactful Ways You Can Better Tap Into Your Inner Superwoman

“Just because we’re magic, does not mean we’re not real.”
Ebony F
 • 2 months ago

When We Talk About Consent, Who Are We Really Talking About?

"Somehow, when black female voices are raised up in anger, in disbelief and in pain, they are easily ignored."
Donna Oriowo
 • 3 months ago

How To Own Who You Are In A Forever Judging Society

"Our bodies are constantly being tried in the court of public opinion."
Chelsea Davis
 • 3 months ago

Pop-Up Library That Only Features Work From Black Women Opens In Bed-Stuy

The Free Black Women's Library is putting Black women's words first.
Ashleigh Atwell
 • 3 months ago

Two Black-Women Led 'Fantasy' Games That Are All Too Real

Games like "Hair Nah" and "Break Up Squad" transform frustrating situations into fun and frolic.
C. R. Sparrow
 • 3 months ago

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