When you think of Black love, what comes to mind? On the outside looking in, it might look like two melanated individuals expressing their undying love for one another. It might even take the form of a power couple with both parties excelling in their respective careers. But, when it comes to Melanie Fiona and her husband Jared Cotter, it’s all that and much more.

Melanie Fiona may be one of the most respected voices of our generation, having amassed a lengthy enclave of accolades and honors, but her love for her husband shines just as bright. As Melanie and her husband appear in the final season of OWN’s Black Love, viewers and fans get to see the hard work that went into sustaining such a beautiful love story.

The Canadian superstar stopped by Blavity News to discuss the importance of setting boundaries in relationships, why Black women should feel more comfortable setting those boundaries with their romantic partners and why the Black Love docuseries is so essential for the culture.