One TikTok user has gone viral after finding herself in a hairy situation. The woman caught the attention of the internet when she went to social media to vent about a wig she ordered, which has been stuck at her neighbor’s house after an assumed shipping error.

According to the woman, she has been unable to get her wig because her neighbor has been gone from their home for a week. Making matters worse, the TikTok user feared that she may not be able to get her wig before her birthday in a few days.

“If you know that you are my neighbor, can you please come home?” the woman said in the video. “My package has been in your house for a week and it’s my birthday in two days. I need my wig. My wig has been chillin’ in your house for a week. Come the f**k home. I’m gonna be bald on my birthday.”

The woman then threatened to take matters into her own hands if her neighbor doesn’t return soon.

“I will break into your house and I’m not joking,” she said. “My birthday is on Tuesday. If I don’t see that wig by Monday, just know that your door will be open when you get back.”