First dates can be a challenge, especially when getting to know someone new. However, one woman recently went viral for sharing her experience after going on a date and being stuck with a hefty bill.

According to Complex, TikTok user @equanaaa explained how she finally met up with a man for a date after ignoring him for weeks. The pair went to Fontaine’s Oyster House in Atlanta, where the woman took advantage of the restaurant’s $15-per-dozen deal by gorging on multiple plates of oysters.

Equana recorded herself drizzling lemon juice and Tabasco sauce on the shellfish, knocking back 48 oysters. She admitted her date was concerned about how much food she ordered, but the woman didn’t feel bad since he asked her out.


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“Y’all, when the fourth [plate] came out, he was looking at me crazy. I didn’t give a f**k,” Equana said in the clip. “I’m like, ‘Baby, you invited me out. I’m gonna eat.'”

The oysters were just an appetizer. Equana then ordered crab cakes and baby red potatoes and paired the entrée with what appeared to be lemon drop martinis. Her date assumedly told her he was going to the bathroom and never returned. Equana realized he had ditched her and texted him about it.

“Running out on a tab is crazyyy,” she said in the text, to which he responded, “I offered to take you out for drinks and you ordered all that food,” adding, “I can cashapp the total for the drinks.”

In a separate video, Equana seemingly left an $11 tip on the bill that came out to $184.87.


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♬ original sound – EquanaB

The post garnered over 1.6 million views and made its rounds on X, formerly known as Twitter, sparking hilarious user reactions on the platform.

“48 oysters is the whole bikini bottom marching band foh,” one user said.

“That lady was on her 30th oyster scaring the nggas and not giving a damn,” another wrote with a meme video.

“Now… I, too, am an oyster loving ass b***h. but ma’am??? FORTY EIGHT!? FORTY EIGHT AMERICAN OYSTERS??” a third user said.

Here are additional reactions from users: