The Grio senior writer Blue Telusma shared her disgusting encounter with an Airbnb guest who broke into her room and defecated on her property. 

Earlier this month, Telusma rented two rooms to two long-term rentals seeking a place to stay in Washington, D.C. One was an Italian researcher, and the other was a "frail white guy."

According to her detailed recollection of the incident, she would usually get her friends to come over to vet guests staying in her home. At first, everything seemed fine until the brown-out happened.   

Telusma returned home from a Los Angeles trip, inspected her home and discovered her bedroom door was left open. She wrote she never leaves her door open, and guests are well aware of the house rules. One of which is never to enter her bedroom. 

"I made a note to send a sternly worded text in the morning to both tenants about never going into my bedroom to borrow my chair," she wrote. "Then noticed that the dirt on both the vanity and the chair looked odd. Instead of being soft and grainy, ergo dirt like, it was wet and mushy. When I leaned over, I noticed something red and said to myself, ‘Wait… why does that look like an undigested kidney bean?’"

Then, she realized what it was. 

"It was at that very second that I realized that what I was looking at wasn’t soil at all because it was human feces. There were piles of it lying in clumps all over my bedroom floor."

She grabbed the contaminated chair and showed it to the researcher. At this point, Telusma was madder than hell and wanted answers. But she would not get any from him. He told her he noticed her door was open the day before and denied responsibility. 

He followed her downstairs to another room where the frail white guy named Nick stayed. 

“Nick,” she said. “Do you have any idea why there are PILES OF S**T all over my bedroom?”

Without an ounce of remorse or hesitation, Nick admitted to the heinous crime. 

“Oh no. I’ve done this before," he responded. "I got drunk and blacked out.”

Telusma wrote that Nick fit the profile of an incel — an internet subculture of men who never had intimate relationships with women.

He was a 31-year-old man who never had a girlfriend. Not only was the pile of feces a concern, but his mental state had her worried. 

Nick went to her room and tried to clean the mess, but he used one of the writer's shirts to do it.

She contacted Airbnb via Twitter to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible. It took hours to get a decent response from customer service. 

Then, she went to a friend's house to clear her mind and call the police. It took nearly 45 minutes for authorities to come to her home.  

Nick played the victim and denied doing the poo once the officer arrived. Police also took his side despite the confession.

“He’s really sorry ma’am,” the D.C officer said. “He’s so humiliated. I think the kid has a drinking problem and doesn’t even remember sh**ting all over your room. All we have is your word for it. Plus, this isn’t even illegal.”

Airbnb did ultimately resolve the situation. They sent a cleaning crew to her home, paid for Nick's three-month commitment and put her and the researcher in a hotel for one night. Her items would also be replaced. 

Nick was allowed to go to another host's home.  

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