Louisiana’s Xavier University Cheer Team, the XULA Gold Rush, took home the 2022 NAIA National Championship Competitive Cheer trophy with the highest point ranking in NAIA history.

According to Sports Illustrated, this is the school’s first victory—in any sport—making this moment a historic win for both the school and HBCUs alike, led by Coach Glenn A. Caston.

The 6th Annual Competitive Cheer and Dance National Championship event featured 15 cheer teams from across the nation held in Ypsilanti, Michigan, at the George Gervin GameAbove Center.

Sports Illustrated reports that the XULA Gold Rush team qualified for the NAIA championships with eight automatic qualifiers and seven at-large bids. After completing the preliminary rounds earlier this month, The Gold Rush made a second appearance in the competition of12 dance teams that competed from Mar. 11-12.