Yara Shahidi is on the road the graduating! On Wednesday, the Grown-ish actor announced that she completed her senior thesis at Harvard University with an Instagram video.


Shahidi gave heavyweight champ “Rocky” vibes in the clip, shouting her achievements in a referee-like manner for a comedic touch.

“Weighing in at 32,508 words and 136 pages, is this thesis writer, Yara Sayeh Shahidi! Let’s go,” she celebrated with a laugh, flexing her muscles while decked out in Harvard gear.

On Mar. 6, she proved the hustle didn’t stop when she shared another Instagram clip of her working on her thesis while being in Dubai for work.

According to ET, Shahidi took a gap year after enrolling at Harvard in 2018. Balancing her acting career, business ventures, and obtaining a college degree, Shahidi relates to Zoey Johnson’s Grown-ish character on many levels. If you’re a fan of the show, then you understand just how linear Shahidi and Zoey’s paths are. On the show, Zoey finds herself constantly having a struggle between her studies at Cal U and her fashion career.

Shahidi has demonstrated discipline and laser focus tactics in not letting Hollywood stand in her way of academic success. 

“I’m excited because this is where the rubber hits the road, and all of the theoretical learning moments and journeys that these kids have been on have become really important and grounded in the fact that they have to figure out what they’re about to do with the rest of their lives,” Shahidi told ET

“I feel like the pending, looming cloud of graduation gives this part of the season such interesting stakes because there is no messing around, you know? Zoey’s had her time where she dropped out, but she’s always known that she could go back to school, and that’s always been a very stable place,” she said. “And so, the fact that that’s about to be pulled out from under her leads to really interesting storylines of having to distill what matters.”