Samaria Rice, the mother of Tamir Rice, bashed a number of high-profile activists and lawyers for using the deaths of Black people to get famous. 

Tamir was shot to death in 2014 at the age of 12 by two officers, both of whom never faced any consequences for the shooting. In December, the federal government officially declined to press any charges against Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback. 

But in a series of Facebook posts on Sunday, Samaria said well-known activist Tamika Mallory, civil rights attorney Ben Crump and others were "chasing clout" and profiting from families that are still struggling with the loss of a loved one. 

The posts started on Sunday and coincided with the 2021 Grammy Awards, where Mallory appeared on stage with rapper Lil Baby during a performance.

"I'm tired of you black lives matters (Tamika Mallory and crew) b***hes that's riding theses [sic] family back and yall ambulance chasing Attorneys ( Ben Crump) (Lee Merrick) too yall have f**k up our fight and yall can kiss my a*s too….Make it make sense….You can't working with devil is easy too do [sic]," Rice wrote on Sunday.

She later wrote, "This movement got me f**k up and ready to f**k you up," and added that she felt like the ubiquity of Breonna Taylor's and George Floyd's name in media did little to change the outcome of their court cases. 

Samaria questioned the effectiveness of activists and lawyers considering how many of these types of cases end up without any convictions. 

"I have tried to stay off this s**t. Tamike [sic] and the crew you b***hes chasing clout along with, Sonney, Crump , and Lee. Yall have literally f**k our fight up. I hope not another family soul used yall to represent them…Yall might ass well be junior pigs cops…..I'm mad ass yell [sic]," she wrote in another post.

"Another thing, not one of you mf lost anything in this fight….robbing your own people from getting justice….They won't talk to me cause they know I'm not with bull s**t," Rice added.

"Too many dead souls and they think its a joke," she noted in another post.