Update (June 16, 2020): The Atlanta Police Department released the disciplinary files of officers Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan, revealing that Rolfe had previously been written up for a use-of-force complaint and had 12 other incidents in his file, including citizen complaints. 

The files, which were released on Monday, showed Brosnan had no complaints since joining the force in 2018. However, in his seven years with the department, Rolfe has seen multiple complaints about his conduct, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

In 2016, Rolfe was disciplined for use-of-force with a firearm, NBC News reported.

Details on each situation were scant, but the 12 incidents included two situations in which he received a written reprimand and oral admonishment. They were both categorized as vehicle accidents, according to the Journal-Constitution. 

There was another complaint involving Rolfe discharging a firearm, but there was no conclusion. The other nine complaints ended in his exoneration.

Local news outlet THV11 reported that Rolfe had also taken courses on de-escalation tactics, cultural awareness and use of deadly force before he killed Rayshard Brooks on June 12.

Original (June 15, 2020): The police officer who shot a 27-year-old Black father on Friday night outside of a Wendy's has been fired.

ABC News reports the former officer who shot Rayshard Brooks, a father of three, has been identified as Garrett Rolfe. Devin Brosnan, the second officer involved in the incident, has been placed on administrative duty. 

According to TMZ, the shooting happened when police responded to a call about a man sleeping in his car and blocking other cars in line at the drive-thru. 

Police said two officers responded to the call and tried to arrest Brooks after he failed a sobriety test. The video obtained by TMZ shows officers wrestling with Brooks for about 30 seconds. After lifting himself from the ground, Brooks tried to run away, as the footage shows. 

According to police, Brooks took a Taser from one of the officers as he tried to escape. The other officer then fired his Taser at the Atlanta man, police said. Gunshots then followed, and Brooks was struck in the back, according to witnesses. He died after being taken to the hospital, TMZ reported. 

Witnesses recorded the incident and expressed their outrage at police. 

"Watched these f**king pigs talk to this dude for 20 minutes and these f**king a**holes shoot him in the Wendy's drive-thru for no f**king reason," said one witness in a video posted to Twitter. "I saw y'all talk to him for 20 minutes dude, unarmed, nonviolent. Nothing wrong with how he conducted himself whatsoever. And you pull a f**king gun, dude?"

The witness recorded video of first responders carrying Brooks into the ambulance.

"I saw them trying to resuscitate him," the witness said. "His arm just dangled. … I'm pretty sure this is performative in the sense that they might have lost this gentleman unfortunately to police brutality. Yet again, at the Wendy's drive-thru, two cops kill a Black man for no good, goddamn reason."    

A man, who goes by Kai Northcott on Facebook, recorded a video as demonstrators gathered at the scene of the shooting shortly after the incident. 

"As he ran from them, they shot him in the back three times," Northcott said. "Right now in Atlanta, just now, another Black man slain in the street, unarmed, shot in the back by the police." 

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said one of the officers suffered minor injuries, but no additional details have been released. In a statement on Twitter, the GBI said it is reviewing video from witnesses.

"The GBI is aware that there is video posted on social media captured by witnesses in this incident," the department stated. "We are reviewing the video & the early investigative information in this case. We’ll provide an update as soon as we can."

According to WSB-TV, the GBI has investigated 48 officer-involved shootings this year.

District Attorney Paul Howard said his office is now conducting an independent investigation on the incident.

“In this matter, we are asking for the cooperation of the public. We are asking anyone who saw the incident to call the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office Tip Line at (404) 612-4903 and if they wish to email any information, still photos, and/or videos we ask that they do so by sending it to Donald.Hannah@fultoncountyga.gov,” Howard said in a statement.

The district attorney also expressed his sympathy for the family of Brooks. 

"Lastly, our thoughts and our sympathies are extended to the family of Rayshard Brooks as we must not forget that this investigation is centered upon a loss of life," he stated. "The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office is working diligently to gather all of the necessary information to proceed with this investigation.”

A petition has been set up in an effort to bring justice for Brooks.