Young Busco, the creator of the "What Are Those?" internet meme, has reportedly died of unknown causes. As The Fader reports, Young Busco was 31 years old. 

NBC reporter Melissa Colorado posted the news on Twitter Monday. 

Young Busco's claim to fame all started in 2015 when the soon-to-be social media star posted an encounter with a police officer on his Instagram page

“Officer I just have one question for you,” Busco asked in the video before dramatically zooming into the officer's feet. “What are those?”

Young Busco achieved internet fame after Vine user A-RODney King uploaded a shortened version of the IG video to the now-defunct social media platform.

On Vine, the encounter amassed nearly 38 million loops. The phrase achieved global fame after it was featured in Marvel's Black Panther. In an interview with HuffPost in March, Young Busco said the attention brought by Black Panther actually made him "depressed" in part because "I didn’t handle my business when I was supposed to when it first took off," meaning he was not able to monetize the phrase. 

According to Vice, Young Busco's birth name was Brandon Moore, and he has five children.

Folks online were quick to honor his legacy following news of his death.

R.I.P., Young Busco. 

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