Rapper Young Dro was arrested in Atlanta on July 5 for throwing a plate of pudding at his girlfriend during a fight.


D’Juan Montrel Hart — the rapper's real name — was brought in on two charges of misdemeanor battery/family violence but is still in jail because he owes $41,000 in child support to another woman.

He needs to pay at least $10,000 in order to be released, according to TMZ

The "Shoulder Lean" rapper was allegedly arguing with his girlfriend over money when the fight got out of hand and they began to throw food at each other.

Dro escalated the fight when he threw a plate of banana pudding at her, and she called the police right after.

When the cops arrived, she reportedly told them she did not want to press charges but they did anyway.

Dro's lawyers disputed the claims that he was being held for back child support. They told TMZ that it was a clerical error and that he would be out soon.