Young Mother Who Died While Carrying Stroller Down NYC Subway Station Stairs May Not Have Died From Fall

The baby was unharmed.

Photo Credit: Screenshot/News12

| January 30 2019,

8:19 pm

Update (January 30, 2019): 

Officials say 22-year-old Malaysia Goodson suffered a medical condition unrelated to the fall, and that issue ultimately led to her death according to The New York Post. The young mother reportedly suffered from thyroid problems and struggled with headaches the day before she passed. She did not experience any visible physical injuries, leading investigators to believe a separate medical emergency caused the tumble.

“I don’t know, maybe she was starting to feel faint,” her mother, Tamika Goodson, shared with the news publication.

Goodson’s 1-year-old daughter, who survived the incident, was found underneath her body and in stable condition. Detectives believe that she may not have fallen down the entire flight of stairs.

“I’m just still trying to take it all in,’’ her grieving mother continued. “I’m trying to see if I’m dreaming. I’m in disbelief.”

The New York Times reported many people are demanding more accessibility throughout subway stations including the city's mayor.

“This is a heartbreaking tragedy that never should have happened. The subway system is not accessible for everyone and that’s an environment the MTA should not allow,” Mayor Bill de Blasio shared via Twitter.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority was sued in 2017 over the lack of accessibility with reported elevator malfunctions occurring nearly 53 times a year.

Original: A mother died after falling down the stairs of a New York City subway station.

Malaysia Goodson was entering a station in Manhattan on Monday when the incident occurred, reports CBS New York. She was carrying her 1-year-old daughter and a stroller at the time. The 22-year-old mother was unconscious when first responders arrived; she was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

An autopsy will be performed to determine if Goodson succumbed to an underlying health condition or if injuries from the fall were the cause of her death. Her daughter was unharmed and is with her father.

Goodson’s death highlights an ongoing issue with New York’s transit system.

The station where the accident occurred does not have an elevator and only has one escalator going up. The New York Times reports only a quarter of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s stations have elevators. Additionally, they malfunction about 53 times a year. This presents a challenge for parents of young children like Goodson and people with disabilities.

The MTA was sued in 2017 over its accessibility issues. The suit said the system is one of the least accessible in the country and violates guidelines created by the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Justice Department joined the case in 2018; however, it is still pending.

Resident Josh Frost, a father himself, believes more helping hands could prevent a similar tragedy.

“Any time you see someone carrying a stroller you should stop and help them. They need the help,” Frost told CBS New York. “I understand that they can’t put elevators and escalators everywhere, it’s just too expensive, but if you can help someone it can go a long way so something like that doesn’t happen.”

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