Fox News has confirmed that they pulled the plug on Stacey Dash. The former Clueless star and real life clueless political troll joined the conservative news channel in 2014 but has not been on-air since last September. Dash is known for her strange political views such as believing Black History Month shouldn't exist and that trans people should use the bathroom in the bushes. She was suspended from the network in 2015 for saying on-air that former President Obama "could give a sh*t" about ISIS and the fight against terrorism. 

Dash is no stranger to being dragged and educated by black Twitter activists and users for her anti-black and conservative comments. The news of her departure gave users the fuel to come for her again. 

But, Dash isn't the only one getting the boot. Longtime conservative writer and Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post columnist, George Will was also canned. It should be mentioned that Will has been very outspoken against President Trump and his political agenda. Fox News is clearly making room for Trump-friendly reporters, and in a time where Trump is inciting a war on news sites that report negatively of him, this seems like a clear move for the conservative network to help make Trump seem legitimate. Sad.

But, back to Dash. Good riddance! 

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