Insecure star Yvonne Orji got candid in a September episode of Chelsea Handler’s podcast Dear Chelsea, where she discussed being a 39-year-old virgin and how celibacy has made her anxious to meet her future partner. 

During the episode, Handler asked Orji if she was still a virgin, to which she said yes. However, the Nigerian actor and comedian suggested that the listeners pray for her future husband since she has a lot of “pent-up energy” to release after tying the knot.

“Let me tell you right now…pray for him, whoever he is; y’all need to pray for him because there’s a lot of pent-up energy up in here,” Orji said.

Handler chimed in, stating that Orji is going to reach her “sexual peak” after having sex and will need more than one man to fulfill her needs. The 39-year-old responded jokingly, “Yvonne went from being a virgin to polyamory.”

On Sunday, The Shade Room shared the now-viral clip on its Instagram account, with fans sharing their thoughts on Orji still being a virgin at her age.


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“Idk why people think she is lying. She’s been speaking about this for years now. She is saving herself heartbreaks, unwanted pregnancy, and STDs. Salute to her for not conforming to this bs sneaky link/ hookup culture,” one user said.

While some users said Orji was lying about being a virgin, others praised her for it.

“Wow that awesome says a lot about her and because she saved herself God is gonna keep blessing and when she do find the right one God is going to prosper her with a beautiful family,” another wrote.

“It’s crazy how this world makes fun of people who practice abstinence and modesty, but celebrates fornication and debauchery 🤔,” a third user said.

Over the years, Orji has opened up about her decision to remain a virgin. In 2021, Blavity reported she talked about her role as the sexually liberated Molly on the HBO series and how she received advice on making the sex scenes more believable.

“[The costume designer] watched the first tape, she pulled me to the bathroom and said you got to let the man lead, you’re off beat,” she said in an interview, according to EURweb. “She gets behind me and she’s doing the emotions… she’s very hands on. Then she’s lke, go call him [Langston Kerman] in here. So we practiced in the bathroom.”

“We definitely made sure it looked believable,” she added.

Orji has also highlighted her personal and religious beliefs for choosing celibacy.

“Before any of [the fame] happened, I sat down with myself and with God and thought, when I make it, how do you want me to represent you while I’m here?” she questioned in a 2017 interview with People.

She answered her question: “It was like, OK, I know why I’m here. It’s to make you proud.”