Yvonne Orji has made it clear that she is committed to being celibate until marriage. But she revealed how she has been able to navigate Insecure‘s sex scenes.

Orji spoke with Zuri Hall on Hall’s radio show Hot Happy Mess about what it was like to make it through her first sex scene, which happened in Insecure‘s first season with Langston Kerman. Orji said that the costume designer outfitting her with intimacy garments gave her advice on how to act during the scene.

“[The costume designer] watched the first tape, she pulled me to the bathroom and said you got to let the man lead, you’re off beat,” she said, as reported by EURweb. “She gets behind me and she’s doing th emotions…she’s very hands on. Then she’s lke, go call him [Kerman] in here. So we practiced in the bathroom.”

“We definitely made sure it looked believable,” she added.

Orji has spoken at length about her decision to remain celibate for personal and religious reasons.

“There was a woman on campus who did the Bible study. She was a med student, she was beautiful and when I heard it, I was like, ‘Do what?’ And she was 26. She was a virgin too. And she was like, ‘I want to honor Him. it’s the least that I could do,'” she said while on The Breakfast Club in 2016, according to HelloBeautfiul. “And I’m real competitive–I have three older brothers–I don’t konw why that was the thing I was competitive about. But I was like, ‘She can do it. I can do it.'”

Insecure has announced that its fifth season will be it’s last. Rae talked about the final season on Today, saying she is ready to say goodbye to her television series.

“I’m definitely ready to let it go. I knew that I wanted to end it after five seasons,” she said in April. “And I feel like I’m really proud of this season that we’re shooting now. It’s so much fun, and it’s made me appreciate the show in a different way.”