Whilst scrolling through the records that lined the shelves of my grandparents’ house, I came across Miss Thang by Monica Brown, better known simply as Monica, and since then I have been listening to her practically nonstop. Monica has been a dominating force within the R&B community after the release of her first album in 1995. And as a proud ’90s baby, Monica was one of the voices I remember hearing all of the time on the radio. She consistently blessed us with hit after hit and you always found yourself singing along if she came on the radio. Below you’ll find 10 songs by the queen herself that will most certainly bring about a feeling of nostalgia.


1. “Why I Love You So Much”


2. “For You I Will”


3. “Before You Walk Out Of My Life”


4. “The First Night”


5. “Don’t Take It Personal”


6. “Like This And Like That”



7. “Angel Of Mine”


8. “Right Here Waiting ft. 112”



9. “U Should’ve Known Better”


10. “So Gone”

What’s your favorite Monica song? Let us know in the comments below!