Here’s a fact – the word resolution really only becomes important in our lives when a year is ending or beginning. We make vision boards, hit the gym, clean out the organic section in the grocery store, or worse — give up on the one excessive habit that makes us happy.

Sometimes we stick with these resolutions, other times we fall off the wagon. But what about the rest of the year? We can and should resolve to make active changes in our lives independent of the day that the ball is set to drop. Here are 11 actions to get you started:

1. Treat other black women as motivation (not competition)

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This goes for our entire community, not just black women. Let’s lift each other up and celebrate our brothers and sisters instead of devaluing and belittling them.

2. Say NO to f*ckboys

Black, white or brown, if they’re a f*ckboy they don’t deserve the magic of your melanin. If you’ve fallen victim to f*ckboys, write this down, read it, live it and repeat it.

3. Live with the confidence of a mediocre white man

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Does this really need an explanation? This might actually be the key to surviving any and all of life’s obstacles.

4. Refuse to be a mule

Don’t break your back because you’ve allowed someone or any group of persons to deplete you physically, mentally or emotionally. Take care of yourself first, always.

5. Embrace your inner carefree black girl

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Yes, this is an act of selfishness. Yes, it’s okay to do this without apologizing for doing so. Think about it, if you’re not living for you, who are you living for and are the sacrifices that you’re making really worth it?

6. Let go of white beauty standards

We’re not necessarily telling you to do a big-chop and join the ranks of natural hair product junkies clearing out Walgreens shelves everywhere. We’re just saying to be both conscious and honest about why you do what you do to look a certain way.

7. Find a way to uplift younger black women

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Make your #blackgirlmagic visible to younger generations. Volunteer with a non-profit organization. Become a mentor to a high school or college student. Donate to an organization that sends girls to school in African countries. No matter how small or how big your action is, make it count. 

8. Listen to your body when it’s tired

Contrary to the demands of your life, you are a human being, not a superhero or a robot. Make time for rest and self-care. You don’t want to end up regretting it later.

9. Focus on wellness, not weight

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Here’s a fact: The real value in health is how you treat your body, not how much you weigh. 

10. Get a handle on your finances

Stop spending your money unconsciously. One year I spent more than $1,000 just getting my hair done. This doesn’t account for all of the products I purchased. I quickly snatched my life and found the blessing that is known as YouTube. Figure out how you can eliminate unnecessary costs in your own life.

11. Create or do something bigger than yourself

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The cold hard truth is that we all only have one life to live.

What are you going to do to leave your mark of #blackgirlmagic? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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